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-Will there be organised play?

Yes! The arrival of set 4 comes with the launch of organised play. If you are interested in becoming an official store, you only need to follow the steps indicated in our video tutorial.


-Will you have promotional materials?

With the set 4 and the organised play, we will receive 150 promotional kits that will be available to stores who organise events and Disney Lorcana games.


-Will we receive more material from previous sets?

Yes, soon we will receive a small amount of set 1. Keep in mind that official distribution in Spain has started with set 3. Everything we have been able to serve from sets 1 and 2 has been because we’re working hard to make this product available to everyone, but we can’t guarantee material prior to set 3.


-What do I do if I receive defective material?

A contact page has been set up on the Disney Lorcana website: Contact | Disney Lorcana by Ravensburger

To report problems of this kind, you must select “I am experiencing an issue with a Disney Lorcana product” as the subject of your enquiry.

After that, it is recommended to fill in the form with as much information as possible, including the lot number printed on the packets.

On the website you will also find the replacement policy.


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