Want to carry TCG with you in your pocket?

We’re launching our new TCG Factory app, a tool that will keep us better connected and speed up the things you usually have to do on the website.
It’s free, easy to download and install and ultra-handy.
These are just some of the major advantages the TCG Factory app has to offer:

You won’t miss out on anything

You’ll get exclusive notifications delivered directly to your app simply by installing it. Be the first to hear about all our latest news!

Your incidents, solved in real time

Send us any issues you have from your phone You’ll be able to simply and quickly send us any incident you have with your order for personalised service.

Your purchases, at lightning speed

Buy straight from the notifications, quickly and intuitively. What's more: You can browse the most recent notifications and fill your shopping cart from there!

Download the app for freea

You can download the TCG Factory APP directly from the Play Store or APP Store. On your phone? Simply click on this link. You can also scan this QR code..