Have any questions about how we manage PRE-SALES on our website?

Don’t worry! Below, we provide you with all the information you need so that you don't get lost.

You can use our website to make two different types of product RESERVATIONS:

-PRE-ORDERS: Reservations for items that have not yet been released.

-BACKORDERS: Reservations of items that have already been released that we don't have in stock but are awaiting possible restocking by the manufacturer.

When you add an item to PRE-ORDER or BACKORDER, it is not included directly in your shopping cart. Instead, it will be sent to its specific pre-order or backorder cart. This makes it much easier for you to see what kind of items you have reserved at a glance. But remember that you need to CONFIRM all pre-sales so that they can be considered as reserved purchases and we can send them to you when they arrive at our Headquarters. The first point of this guide tells you how to do this.

REMEMBER: Pre-orders and backorders are ONLY PAID once the merchandise has been received at our Headquarters (depending on whether or not you have SEPA payment and any customised agreements). However, the confirmation of your reservations implies a purchase commitment (see the point below on "Can I cancel a pre-order or backorder?").

IMPORTANT: The arrival date of items in pre-order status are estimated, and are therefore subject to possible variations. Both the restocking of backordered items and the quantities and dates of arrival at our Headquarters depend exclusively on the manufacturer and may be subject to change without prior notice and outside TCG Factory's control.

You can go to both carts (pre-order and backorder) by clicking on their respective icons in the top right corner of the website.



As long as the items are in your cart, they have DRAFT status This means that:

-You can change the quantity you wish to reserve.

-You can change the delivery address, which will be done once the goods have been confirmed and received by TCG Factory.

Use the corresponding buttons to CONFIRM or to CANCEL this reservation:

-With the CONFIRM button, you inform TCG Factory that you want the reserved items. Your order will remain in draft status as long as you don't CONFIRM the reservation.

-With the CANCEL button, you inform TCG Factory that you do not want the reserved items.

When you confirm the reserved items, the order will be updated to the date you send confirmation.

This step is essential before we can send you the reserved items when they are received at our Headquarters.

IMPORTANT: TCG Factory will not send any reservation that has DRAFT status.

You can confirm items in two ways:

-Confirm INDIVIDUALLY, selecting only those items whose reservation you wish to confirm.

-Confirm ALL: This will include all items in the corresponding pre-order or backorder cart.



Upon confirmation, TCG Factory manages the reservations received in order of request.

Once we receive the items, they will be delivered in the same order and always depending on the total quantity received in stock.

You can still change the deliver address for each of your reserved items (if you need to) after you confirm the order.

It is important that your reservations have the right associated address, because once the product arrives, your order will be created with the address that is associated with your reservation. To avoid this situation, if you have more than one address in your account, we recommend that you regularly check the addresses associated with your reservations.

DEADLINE: Please remember that, even if you confirm your booking within the time frame specified by the reservation deadline associated with the item, final availability depends on the amount we receive at our Headquarters. If you confirm your reservation within this deadline, you provide us with very useful information that we can use to try to fine-tune our order to the extent possible: for most items, this means that your reservation will be virtually guaranteed, but this is not always the case, and it ultimately depends on the quantity the manufacturer sends us.

This is especially important for high-demand items like TCGs and Funko products, since placing your order as early as possible increases the chances that the items will be delivered successfully.



You can only cancel a pre-order or backorder if it has DRAFT status.

You will no longer be able to cancel it once you confirm it, that is, confirming a pre-ordered or backordered item implies a commitment to purchase.

In the event that there is no other option and a cancellation or reduction of units is required, this process may lead to penalties that may ultimately result in us withdrawing the option to buy on backorder or to cancel confirmed reservations in your customer account.

From our perspective, this is a last resort and we prefer to deal with each issue on a case-by-case basis to avoid such a situation. Please note that automatic cancellation of orders that go beyond the payment deadline also falls into this category and is subject to penalties.



You can check the estimated release date of each pre-ordered or backordered item on the item’s product page. This date is always indicative: it is the date the manufacturer provides and is subject to possible changes by the manufacturer that TCG Factory is not responsible for. In some cases, the release date is not provided because the manufacturer has not provided one.

Don't worry if an item doesn't have a release date. TCG Factory regularly checks this information so that dates can be updated according to the details provided by the manufacturer or supplier; for backordered items, there is no specific restocking date, as this depends on the availability of the manufacturer.



Once we receive the merchandise, TCG Factory will send you an email notifying you:

-That it has created the ORDER.

-That the order WILL BE SENT according to the commercial agreement (depending on whether or not you have credit).

Order status will then change to either PARTIAL or COMPLETED:

-PARTIAL, in the event that the entire quantity ordered is not sent.

-COMPLETED, in the event that the order is delivered in full.



You can access your reservations from your customer file, in the MY BACKORDERS and MY PRE-ORDERS section, or directly from the corresponding shopping cart.

You can filter the list of either of pre-orders or backorders by status (in the top right-hand corner).

When you click and access one of these items, you will be able to see the total amount reserved, counting the CONFIRMED reservations plus the ones you have in DRAFT.



When you browse our website, you can instantly detect which items you have RESERVED.

In the upper right corner of each item you already have on PRE-ORDER or BACKORDER will display a number equal to the number of reservations you have in CONFIRMED and DRAFT status.

To sum up, you will find a list of the different statuses available below:

  • Draft: Unconfirmed reservations.
  • Confirmed: Confirmed reservations that TCG Factory will process so that it can fulfil the order later.
  • Preparation in progress: Your order is currently being prepared. Once the order is paid, it goes to the warehouse for preparation and can no longer be modified.
  • Partial: Reservations that have been partially shipped.
  • Completed: Reservations that have been shipped in full.
  • Cancelled: Reservations that have been cancelled.

The My Pre-orders/My Backorders section displays:

  • The product photo and product information.
  • The shipping address.
  • The price.
  • The quantity ordered.
  • The total quantity reserved in case you have more than one confirmed reservation of the same item, which will appear in red.
  • The quantity sent.
  • The date on which the reservation was made.
  • The date on which the last status change was made.
  • The release date.
  • The current status.
  • A drop-down to filter bookings according to their status.


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