Returns and problems with items

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Partial and total REFUNDS

Returns, both partial and total, related to orders placed with TCG Factory must be communicated within a period of no more than 14 calendar days.

To do so, you need to send an email to, specifying in the subject line that it is a RETURN.

The body of the email must include the following information:

-Order number.

-Item reference.

-An explanation of the problem or the reason for the return.

To ensure that the return is handled correctly, we recommend that you include a photograph of the item with a high enough resolution to verify its condition and support the reason for the return.

TCG Factory will not accept any merchandise return that has not been previously confirmed by our support service.

To return the requested item, you must keep the packaging and any accessories that came with the product in perfect condition.

If the item is not damaged or defective in any way and the return is accepted, the handling and payment of the costs of sending the item to TCG Factory's warehouse will be paid by the customer.

When the item arrives at the TCG Factory warehouse, we will check it to ensure that it has arrived in the same conditions in which it was sent. In the event of any damage, TCG Factory will assess the option of a partial refund of the amount of the item in question.

The items TCG Factory works with are backed by leading brands and manufacturers. Our goal is to offer the highest quality and reliability to our customers.

ISSUES related to product defects

Customers must notify us of any incidents within a maximum of 14 calendar days from the receipt of their order, using the channel provided for this purpose on our website.

To correctly process your request, you must use the contact us form on the website (top left corner) and include all the required information depending on the type of incident.

Then, select the type of incident from the options available and follow the steps indicated on the form.

In the event of an incident involving damaged items, the pictures MUST clearly show the damage to the product and pictures of the shipping box(es) must be attached, where you can see both the shipping label and every side of the box.

If you notice any damage to the packaging or tampering with the seal when you receive your order, you must note it on the carrier's delivery note to make it easier to process the request later on.

If we confirm that the item is defective or damaged, TCG Factory will be responsible for the shipping costs and handling of the return/replacement of the item.

TCG Factory reserves the right to offer alternative compensation in the event of defective items.

Only those incidents due to defects the customer communicates to TCG FACTORY within the established period (14 calendar days) from receipt of the order will be processed.


An item is damaged or flawed when it has dents, scratches, cracks or breakage that are visible and compromise the original value or structure of the item.

An item is defective when it does not match the product purchased, either because a different product was sent or because it is clearly defective (broken internal parts, parts that do not match what was purchased, missing parts, etc.).

TCG Factory reserves the right to privately assess the flaws, damages or defects that customers report to offer alternatives to a possible return.


Funko products are a special case that requires special handling.

Due to their original manufacturing and packaging process, minor paint alterations, missing or different labels from those shown in the photo of the item, changes in the colours or design of the box, minor defects on the figure or packaging, small stains, minor curvatures, scratches or tears on the outer packaging are NOT considered damages, defects or flaws. NO claims or complaints will be accepted for poor packaging or minor paint flaws on any Funko branded item. These images serve as an example of several of the flaws that will not be accepted:

There are 2 exceptions:
  • Small tears or minor dents in the box will be compensated. In this case, compensation will be a discount voucher equal to 15% of the value of the price of the damaged item. This applies in cases such as the following:
  • Complaints will be accepted for significant tears or cracks or more serious dents. In this case, compensation will be a discount voucher equal to 30% of the value of the price of the damaged item. This applies in cases such as the following:
In these two cases, no refund of the damaged item applies. The customer keeps the Funko purchased and, in addition, is issued the corresponding discount voucher, which can be used on a later purchase. The purpose of this is to facilitate the sale of the defective item at a discount.

Voucher issue and validity

Vouchers given to the customer to compensate for incidents will be valid for a period of 3 months from the day they are issued.


When it comes to trading card games (TCG), no complaints or incidents related to the condition of the packaging will be accepted.

With one exception: in the event of damage to the container of collectible tins, a discount voucher will be issued for 10% of the value of the price of the damaged item which can be used on a later purchase.

Claims relating to damage, flaws or defects of the contents will be handled after the incident has been assessed. In these cases:

  • If we have it in stock, we will send a new item with the customer's next order.
  • If we don't have it in stock, we will issue a refund for the item.